Employee Services

The employee services of smiONE Card include employer family benefits services. This section consolidates the features and functions of the employee benefits website those who are amoONE cardholders can avail of the Child Support based on the card.

The features of this site include the ability for employers to report hires, layoffs, and lump-sum bonuses. Employers can also use this website to request copies of withholding statements from their seniors and also do transactions at the acceptable retail stores. Also, employees can use the smiONE Card for several relevant offers that are updated at the portal.

Did you know that some employers have to submit child support payments electronically? Employers who employed ten or more employees in a quarter during the previous fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) or who paid taxes of $ 20,000 or more to the Treasury Department during the prior year Submit Support Payment Unit.

 Payments By the card

If an individual is a permanent employer currently receiving electronic direct debit payments from the Clearing House to the Florida State Disbursement Unit, every cardholder must consider the following instructions and guidelines.

Evey cardholder and the current employee of the firm can visit the smiONE Card official website www.smionecard.com to register and schedule based on the personal profile. Also, employees have to provide several relevant details like the authentication and verification details for smiONE Card Login and security purposes.

On the other hand, the charges which the company takes with its customers for the smiONE card transactions are less for the employees. However, customers should receive a notification at the account or through email with relevant data and information along with the sender ID as a sole proof.

In that case, employees have to contact the higher authorities of the same department for issues attached to the account. Also, if there are any technical issues, employees can contact the smiONE official technical team who are assigned the work of maintaining the smONE Card Login.