The primary usage of the smiONE Card, cardholders have full control of their spending limit, depending on how much amount is present on the smiONECard, and you can pay for the purchase anywhere, anytime through the online platform. Get yourself a smiONE Card to do all the payments wherever the Visa cards are accepted.

How to add money on the card

Every cardholder with the activated card can add money for online transaction to your smiONE Card as follows:

  • By the direct deposit at the deposit ATM
  • All the acceptable and legitimate Business services (MoneyGram, WesternUnion, and VISA)
  • Customers can also send the tax refund to your smiONE Visa prepaid card for further spendings.
  • However, all the relevant customers have to include their account number and relevant account details on the tax return form.

Account Number

  • Provide the DDA number associated with your smiONE Card which the customers get at the time of registration.
  • Verify that the smiONECard details for the tax refund are in your name and the details you mention are legitimate and correct.

How to check the card balance

Every cardholder can check the card balance online by logging into your smiONECard account at the official logging site You can also check your activity at an ATM, transaction history, payslips, account setting, and privacy policy.

If the cardholder wants to chat with someone official for clarity, you can also call the customer service number from the official site or at the end of the card to speak to a customer service representative. They are much trained to assist you in any relevant matter and solve the issues relevant to the smiONE Card you use for daily transactions.

However, for the people who use the card for purchasing several products and items should consider some safety measures. Also, they should ensure that the internet connection they are using is secured on both the ends of their personal devices.